Crossection Reviewed in Music Reivews Quarterly

Dave Cross and Crossection play a sound found at the better clubs in town, where music is appreciated for its quality. For sure if you land in a classy New Orleans club you can expect music like the kind Dave Cross pitches . . . mature music, solid and smooth construction and execution; the vocals glide along with understated nonchalance, the horns lend a nice smoky sultriness.


A study in cool, laid-back blues with an energy derived from great musicians playing great music: they have the firepower of full instrumental backing as the songs roll along. Every one of these players is most likely in this band for the love of music, and they perform like musicians enjoying themselves. Be sure to check out Dave Cross and Crossection–just ask someone where the best club in town is.


-Martin Fullington, Music Reviews Quarterly, Arden, North Carolina.

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